7-zip Cheatsheet

7-zip command line notes:

7za a graph2.7z ./folder_to_compress/* -mqs -mx=9 -ms=on -md256m

If you have a relative path to a folder to compress like 'deep/relative/documents', and you do

	7za out.7z 'deep/relative/documents'

Then the entire path will be included in the archive. To prevent this happening, write the path with a dot (add a './') at the start like:

	7za out.7z './deep/relative/documents'

The above example will just contain the 'documents' folder at its root.

Use "./folder_to_compress/*" to not include the folder itself (a relative path)
Use "folder_to_compress" if you wish to include the folder in the archive

Use -mqs to order files by file type instead of filename in some circumstances to improve compression.
see the 'qs' option here: https://sevenzip.osdn.jp/chm/cmdline/switches/method.htm

Use -mx=9 to set 'Ultra' compression ratio
Use -ms=on to create a solid archive
Use -md[SIZE]m to set the dictionary size - 7zip will tell you immediately if you don't have enough ram
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