UncleMion's NScripter API Reference Mirror

UncleMion's website has been down for some time now, and so I decided to mirror the NScripter API documentation. Fortunately the website was available on the WayBack Machine/Internet Archive. I downloaded the page and have mirrored it below:

Please go to the 07th-mod ponscripter landing page and the 07th-mod mirror of the NScripter reference for the mirror and more info.

PONScripter/ONScripter/NScripter Tools

If you are packaging .dat or .nsa files, you may need to use nscmake and nsamake. Recently we have found that the tools provided from Insani don't work properly on Windows 10/English locale.

The ONScripter Tools equivalent do the same thing (afaik), and do work properly, so I have mirrored the last release here: onscrtools-win32-20100915.zip

Unnecessary .dat files

Note that .dat files (generated by nscmake) are unnecessary in most cases, and only serve to obfuscate the game script.

Unnecessary .nsa files

Note that .nsa files (generated by nsamake) are unnecessary in most cases - you can just put the game files in the game directory and the game will read it. The main reason you'd want a .nsa file is if you have thousands of small files and want to package them as a single file.