UncleMion's NScripter API Reference Mirror

UncleMion's website has been down for some time now, and so I decided to mirror the NScripter API documentation. Fortunately the website was available on the WayBack Machine/Internet Archive. I downloaded the page and have mirrored it below:

Click Here to View UncleMion's NScripter Reference Mirror

I plan to reformat the nscripter reference and add some basic search functionality so it's easier to use - work is being done in this repository.

"Reformatted" Nscripter API Reference

I will put a link in this section once the reformatted version of the Nscripter Reference is complete.

POnscripter/MangaGamer Umineko Script Tutorial

Eventually I might write a basic tutorial so you know enough to edit the Umineko script.

You can give me a gentle nudge by raising an issue or commenting here.